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06/28/2012 | Posted by JWW Team

GABE FERRICK is 17 years old and attends Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, CA. Gabe’s passion for aiding victims of genocide and human rights abuses began when he learned about the crisis in Darfur in 5th grade during a humanity class at Sonoma Country Day School. He was inspired to take action, and while he was preparing for his bar mitzvah, his rabbi introduced him to Jewish World Watch.  Gabe has gone on to organize JWW’s Walk to End Genocide in Santa Rosa for the past 4 years, among other projects, and his efforts have raised over $100,000 for refugees in Darfur, Congo, Rwanda and other places where genocide has ravaged the population.

Speaking at TED is just one of the many ways that Gabe is continuing to build and strengthen the anti-genocide movement.  We are so proud of Gabe and all he has accomplished, and we want everyone to share this video and be inspired to take action as he did.  Anyone can get involved with JWW, and through our education, advocacy and on-the-ground projects, make a real difference in people’s lives.