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06/11/2012 | Posted by JWW Intern

Who knew that a cell phone found in a deceased soldier’s pocket could reveal crimes against humanity? Eyes and Ears Nuba reporter Ryan Boyette describes securing video footage that showed the Sudan Armed Forces burning the village of Um Batumbu. Boyette writes: “The footage comes from a cell phone that the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement-North (SPLM-N) forces found in the pocket of a soldier killed in battle in Rashad County, in the northeastern region of Southern Kordofan. The dead soldier was fighting for the Sudan government.”  There has been some speculation as to why the community was violently set on fire; it was likely a tactic of suppression.  Um Batumbu is a village where the Nuba reside. The Nuba community  has a history of supporting the Sudan People’s Liberation Movement- the political opponent to the Sudan Armed Forces.  If the soldiers belonged to the SAF, the destruction of the village could have been a politically motivated order.

To find out more about how the investigative reporters inferred the identity of the victims and perpetrators, click here for the original source.