Today, Jewish World Watch joined 11 organizations, including InterAction an alliance of over 180 nongovernmental organizations operating around the world, to issue a statement on the ongoing conflict in South Sudan. The statement calls on the conflicting parties, and the impending transitional government, to immediately address the food security crisis the conflict has caused.

If the Transitional Government of National Unity is created, the government should dedicate appropriate resources to effectively provide food and health assistance to the South Sudanese who desperately need such support. The government and all parties must also ensure they allow humanitarian actors full access to all regions so food and health care can reach those in need.

With Riek Machar’s return to Juba delayed once again, the hopes for the August 2015 Peace Agreement successfully establishing a transitional government and bringing peace to the nation are fading. If President Salva Kiir and former Vice President Machar are unable to bring the violence to an end and establish a transitional government that is able to provide for its people, the United States, regional bodies, donor nations, and the United Nations must take immediate and decisive action to pressure the belligerent actors to bring peace to South Sudan.

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