By Walking with us each year, you have helped change lives in Sudan, Chad and Congo.  We still need your help when we Walk again this year.

Why do we continue to fight?

We do it to support the millions of people affected by conflict in Sudan and Congo.

We do it to help the 350,000 Darfuris living in refugee camps in Chad.

We do it to remember and honor the 400,000 Darfuris who died in the genocide which began in 2004, and the nearly 6 million Congolese who have died in conflict since 1998.

This is why we cannot stand idly by! One person can make a difference.  Be the one.

Walk with us: CV Walk March 13, East Meadow Walk April 10, LA Walk April 17, United Colleges Walk April 17, DC Walk May 1

Join us in the fight against genocide. Sign up now!

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