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11/25/2014 | Posted by JWW Team

  Look who’s getting engaged! Conflict-free Congo Gold. We need a chain of engagement to make that... Read more »

Award Ceremony will feature dialogue with executives instrumental in Intel’s conflict-minerals policy – and highlight the path... Read more »

Advocacy group cites Intel’s bold pledge as a new model for private sector leadership to stem violence... Read more »

Dozens of religious leaders and organizations from a wide variety of communities came together to send a version... Read more »

08/19/2014 | Posted by JWW Team

Anne and son Spencer visiting the Chambucha Rape and Crisis Center, featuring a plaque dedicated to Dillon... Read more »

08/04/2014 | Posted by Diana Buckhantz

We always talk about the fact that in order to really change attitudes and behavior towards women... Read more »

08/04/2014 | Posted by JWW Team

Vaughan pictured with kids from Generation Hope It has been an extraordinary experience, after these past few... Read more »

08/01/2014 | Posted by JWW Team

It’s difficult to put into words what these last days have been like, and even more difficult... Read more »

08/01/2014 | Posted by Diana Buckhantz

I am always filled with sadness to leave Congo and our work here. With each trip (four for... Read more »

08/01/2014 | Posted by JWW Team

An Unexpected Prayer   On our last evening on this trip as a group, we joined thousands... Read more »