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06/29/2015 | Posted by William S. Bernstein

This month, I became the Executive Director of Jewish World Watch (JWW). For me, assuming this role... Read more »

06/26/2015 | Posted by University Fellow

Growing up with a lot of theater and music, I always believed in the power of art... Read more »

By Lior Azariya, rising Senior at Trinity College, JWW Summer Intern     Rohingya refugees pass food supplies... Read more »

06/19/2015 | Posted by University Fellow

Washington D.C. Walk to End Genocide It was quite poetic really; a group of diverse individuals gathered... Read more »

06/15/2015 | Posted by JWW Team

Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir came to South Africa for the AU Summit in Johannesburg [AP] (Photo and... Read more »

06/10/2015 | Posted by JWW Team

On June 9, the Jewish World Watch Board of Directors was pleased to honor two of our... Read more »

06/05/2015 | Posted by University Fellow

I was a USC Jewish World Watch intern for the spring semester and there were several very memorable &... Read more »

06/03/2015 | Posted by JWW Team

South Sudanese Refugees (© UNHCR, R. Thot, April 30, 2015)  Update 6/24/2015: Mary Catherine “Molly” Phee has been... Read more »

05/27/2015 | Posted by JWW Team

LA School of Global Studies empowers our students to become anti-Genocide activists “I chose to do this... Read more »

05/21/2015 | Posted by Liz Braun

The Great Lakes region needs stronger US engagement. Ask Secretary Kerry to appoint a new Special Envoy... Read more »