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04/28/2016 | Posted by Noa Oldak-Moradian

The Yazidis are a Kurdish-speaking ethnic and religious minority living primarily in northern Iraq. Sunni Jihadists and... Read more »

04/27/2016 | Posted by Noa Oldak-Moradian

Presidential election years are a great opportunity for advocates to shape candidates’ positions on various issues. Social... Read more »

04/25/2016 | Posted by JWW Team

Today, Jewish World Watch joined 11 organizations, including InterAction an alliance of over 180 nongovernmental organizations operating... Read more »

In 1913, the ultra-nationalist Young-Turks took political control of the Ottoman Empire, now Turkey. The group sought... Read more »

In March 1992, the Republic of Bosnia-Herzegovina declared independence from The Federal People’s Republic of Yugoslavia. The... Read more »

The Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) has been plagued by violence, corruption, and poor governance for... Read more »

On April 17, 1975, the Khmer Rouge, under the leadership of Pol Pot, took control of Phnom... Read more »

04/15/2016 | Posted by Noa Oldak-Moradian

In 2005, the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) ended Sudan’s decades-long civil war and provided the southerners an... Read more »

04/08/2016 | Posted by JWW Team

Sudan has undergone two civil wars spanning decades, resulting in an estimated 2 million deaths and 3.1... Read more »

Today we mark the 22nd anniversary of the Rwandan genocide. April 6, 1994 began 100 days of... Read more »