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Activist Spotlight
06/03/2013 | Posted by JWW Team

One of our student activists wrote the following poem for the Walk to End Genocide, and she... Read more »

06/03/2013 | Posted by JWW Team

San Diego (CA)– The high school chairs of the Walk to End Genocide San Diego, Zander Cowan,... Read more »

  When I first started working with Jewish World Watch’s member synagogues over 5 years ago, I... Read more »

  One of the biggest perks of my job is that I have the opportunity to work... Read more »

04/15/2013 | Posted by Liz Braun

Want to register for the Orange County or Conejo Valley Walk, or donate to a walker or... Read more »

04/08/2013 | Posted by Liz Braun

We are so proud that Shelby Layne, 2012 Solar Cooker Project Honoree and founder of SBL Jewelry,... Read more »

06/28/2012 | Posted by JWW Team

GABE FERRICK is 17 years old and attends Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, CA. Gabe’s passion... Read more »

11/22/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

There are so many exciting things happening at Jewish World Watch when it comes to our student... Read more »

11/20/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

The volunteers who support Jewish World Watch relief and development projects are the amazing backbone of our... Read more »

06/01/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

Project: Gabe started with a Bar Mitzvah project and ended up raising over $16,000 (which is about 530 backpacks) plus another $9,000 from his own Walk for Darfur! In achieving this, he spoke to hundreds of people in local schools, synagogues, youth groups and more . . . and got them all involved as well. And now, Gabe has been named a Real Hero Good Samaritan by the American Red Cross for all his work. Read more »