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Activist Spotlight

  One of the biggest perks of my job is that I have the opportunity to work... Read more »

04/15/2013 | Posted by Liz Braun

Want to register for the Orange County or Conejo Valley Walk, or donate to a walker or... Read more »

04/08/2013 | Posted by Liz Braun

We are so proud that Shelby Layne, 2012 Solar Cooker Project Honoree and founder of SBL Jewelry,... Read more »

06/28/2012 | Posted by JWW Team

GABE FERRICK is 17 years old and attends Montgomery High School in Santa Rosa, CA. Gabe’s passion... Read more »

11/22/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

There are so many exciting things happening at Jewish World Watch when it comes to our student... Read more »

11/20/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

The volunteers who support Jewish World Watch relief and development projects are the amazing backbone of our... Read more »

06/01/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

Project: Gabe started with a Bar Mitzvah project and ended up raising over $16,000 (which is about 530 backpacks) plus another $9,000 from his own Walk for Darfur! In achieving this, he spoke to hundreds of people in local schools, synagogues, youth groups and more . . . and got them all involved as well. And now, Gabe has been named a Real Hero Good Samaritan by the American Red Cross for all his work. Read more »

06/01/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

Project: Inspired by Zoe Ezzes who paints rocks and sells them to benefit the JWW Solar Cooker Project, 2nd graders Rebecca, Ceci and Gabriella, from Temple Israel of Hollywood Day School and Yavneh Hebrew Academy held a neighborhood bake sale, lemonade stand and homemade “yarn doodle” sale to raise funds for the Project. Read more »

06/01/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

Project: For her bat mitzvah, Sammi made a choice to be an adult and take the opportunity to raise awareness about the genocide in Darfur. Along with her parents David and Jodi, and her brother Josh, Sammi stayed true to her mission and was able to present a large check to Tzivia to help the refugees of the genocide. Hopefully more will follow in her footsteps. Read more »

06/01/2010 | Posted by JWW Team

Project: Mrs. Brewton's AP History class raised over $900 through a uniform free day, bagging groceries for tips and selling cookies and sno-cones. Their principal was completely supportive of the whole process which made it easier to get things approved. They have made such a huge difference by doing things they already enjoyed! Thanks so much for all that you guys do to make things better in this world!! Read more »