Participants at the first annual Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan (CASS) conference last year. 

Chris Richter

Chris is Communications Director at Jewish World Watch.

This weekend, our Director of Advocacy and Programs, Mike Brand, will be traveling to Washington, DC for the Coalition of Advocates for South Sudan’s (CASS) second annual conference that is taking place on Sunday September 25th. This year’s theme is Unity and Partnership: Supporting a Just and Sustainable Peace in South Sudan.

CASS’s membership is primarily South Sudanese diaspora who are living in North America. They come from various ethnic backgrounds and work together in the interest of all the South Sudanese people. CASS’s mission is to: establish a just and lasting peace in South Sudan. Their advocacy is directly informed by the situation on the ground and the South Sudanese people who urgently seek: justice, peace, an end to violence, and establishment of a democratic nation with equality for all.

As a member of CASS, Jewish World Watch works with our partners and friends to help promote an advocacy platform that is South Sudanese led. This weekend, JWW will be providing advocacy training for the conference attendees, and helping to coordinate the lobby day that will take place on Monday.

Mike will be live tweeting during the conference this Sunday. To join the conversation, follow Mike on Twitter.

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For more information on the current crisis in South Sudan, visit our South Sudan page.  

CASS Flyer

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