education (2)Jewish World Watch believes that in order to be advocates for genocide and atrocities prevention we must first be aware of what is happening in the world; be knowledgeable of relevant international laws, mechanisms, and norms; and understand how genocide and mass atrocities are committed. We spread awareness of ongoing atrocities and educate our community about how genocide and atrocities can be prevented.

Genocide and Mass Atrocities

What is the definition of genocide? How is that different from mass atrocities? These questions and more will be answered by visiting our Genocide and Mass Atrocities page.

Conflict Areas

Want to understand what is going on in the Democratic Republic of the Congo? Or learn more about the genocide in Darfur, Sudan? Visit our Conflict Areas page. 

Educational Programs

Want to learn more? JWW works with schools, religious institutions, community groups, and individuals to spread awareness about our conflict areas, and genocide and atrocities prevention through various educational programs and speaking engagements. Want to host a JWW speaker or collaborate on an event? Click here.

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Survivor Stories


Fatna was walking in her village’s market when the bombs began to fall. Her husband, who was at her side, was gunned down by Janjaweed militia. Fatna had barely enough time to gather her seven children. Her strength carried them through the night as gunshots continued in the distance. They made the journey to Chad with no water, food, or belongings. She is now trying to keep her oldest boys in school so they don’t return to Darfur and put their lives in danger.

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Your generosity ensures that we can continue to fight genocide and mass atrocities together by: educating and mobilizing individuals, advocating for policy changes, and funding projects to support and build resilience in conflict-affected communities. Please donate now.