Child soldiers have been forcibly conscripted on a large scale in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Girls, like boys, are forcibly taken by various armed forces. But unlike boys, girls are often used as “bush wives” by the armed groups, and subjected to horrific sexual assault. BVES works to free these child soldiers from their captors, and provides them with transit housing while they help locate their families, or connect them with a foster family.

Jewish World Watch is collaborating with BVES to establish a new girls’ center that will house 100 young women and children and provide them with psychosocial support, medical care, and education, while their families are located.


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BVES Girls Center Photos:

About Our Partner - BVES
BVES (Le Bureau pour le Volontariat au service de l’Enfance et de la Santé) is a non-profit organization formed in Bukavu in the Democratic Republic of the Congo by a group of volunteers working for the health, education and protection of children.