The Educational Assistance project enables war-affected, impoverished children from villages in the South Kivu Province to receive an education. In partnership with ABFEC and Action Kivu, JWW provides the funds for school fees, supplies, and uniforms for 200 war-affected orphans and vulnerable children in Mumosho and Mudaka territories and for 200 vulnerable children in the Kalimbi Tin Mine region of South Kivu Province, Eastern DRC. The project has a particular focus on increasing girls’ attendance in school. The expansion to the Kalimbi Tin Mine region provides two benefits: providing children with education and maintaining the mine’s conflict-free status.

Thanks to a generous grant from Jewish World Watch many of the children we serve in eastern Congo, kids who are orphans or whose families are unable to afford school fees and supplies, are back in the classroom. –Action Kivu

Cikwane is one of these beneficiaries:


I spent five years out of school after an unwanted pregnancy was forced on me. I had no hope and was thinking that was the end of my life. If there are people who think nothing can bring back their lost hope, they should come talk to me and I will tell them how… the Educational Assistance Program is a recovery for me. I know my life has changed. My thoughts have changed, my feelings have changed. I have recovered. I am so happy, I have become a new person. My goal is to go to university and become a lawyer to be able to stand for and with the people who have no voice!Cikwane


Educational Assistance Photos:


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About Our Partners - ABFEC / Action Kivu
ABFEC (Actions pour le Bien être de la Femme et de l’Enfant au Congo) is a homegrown operation started in a one-room shack with a deep sense of compassion and love by Congolese educator and interpreter Amani Matabaro Tom and his seamstress wife, Amini Bukanda. Action Kivu exists to support non-profits in Congo that are working to bring peace and healing for the victims of the conflict.