Asingya Gratia Romeo, the UCBC Coordinator of Law Faculty, (left) with students in the new academic Department of Law at UCBC. 

JWW has teamed with Congo Initiative to support Elevating Justice, a project that launches a new university law program at UCBC (Université Chrétienne Bilingue du Congo) in North Kivu Province, Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC).

The purpose of the Elevating Justice program is to lay the foundation for genuine reform of the Congolese justice system and a restoration of the rule of law throughout eastern DRC. Elevating Justice seeks to develop a new generation of leaders who will invest in the common good, rather than seeking to acquire resources, prestige, or power merely for personal gain, and to transform lives in the wake of devastating wars and ongoing violence in eastern DRC. 

The new law program at UCBC came about at the behest of Congolese lawyers and judges who are battling corruption and seeking justice in their communities, who saw the need for an academic program that would train additional lawyers and legal professionals in a way that is ethically-centered and oriented to the common good. This long-term strategy for truly elevating justice throughout eastern DRC is not just solving the problems of today, but investing in DRC’s future  – a future that includes a transformed judiciary and genuine rule of law.

UCBC specifically empowers women by enrolling close to 50% female students, and through initiatives like the Center for Holistic Family Development that works with vulnerable women to provide job skills and counseling, and Women’s Voices, a student club at UCBC that focused on the development of women as leaders.

At left is Guillaine Chishweka, one of the new UCBC law students from Bukavu in South Kivu Province.

“I like defending the vulnerable, especially those who are ruled or oppressed by the powerful,” says Guillaine.

“I want to be the voice of the voiceless. I think hard work is one of strategies to achieve this goal, and I hope that God will give grace so that I become a defender of oppressed and vulnerable people.”


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About Our Partner - Congo Initiative
Congo Initiative exists to strengthen civil society and promote social and spiritual transformation in the Democratic Republic of Congo (DRC) through liberal arts education, leadership development, and grassroots community outreach. Congo Initiative educates ethical leaders who have integrity; invests in a sustainable vibrant Congolese society; and develops grassroots initiatives for peace, hope, and justice.