Generation Hope student Charmante speaks to the class. 

The Generation Hope program, implemented by our partner Un Jour Nouveau/Africa New Day, supports the most vulnerable children of Goma, North Kivu, providing education, mentorship and spiritual leadership. Through this program, students – some of whom live unsupported on the streets of the city – come together for a comprehensive and holistic educational experience. The children meet twice a week after school to receive lessons in language, geography, world history, mathematics and leadership. JWW’s support allows for 200 of the most vulnerable children to attend school by providing school fees, uniforms, and materials necessary for attendance.

Graduates of Generation Hope are prepared for a university-level education and equipped to end the cycle of poverty and violence in their lives, thus becoming leaders and mentors in their own communities. With millions of children in the Democratic Republic of the Congo out of school, supporting children’s education is a way of investing in the future of the DRC.

Generation Hope has really changed my life because before I lived in the street. Being in the street I thought I would never be able to study in my life. But the program has changed this. Now I am becoming a leader. I was considered a person without direction in life, but now I am beginning to do things that count. Charmante


Our friend Kelly works with Generation Hope and made us this nice video on the program:


Prince Ntwali is a Generation Hope graduate who shares his Dream for Congo in this video:


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About Our Partner - Africa New Day
Africa New Day empowers the people of DRC to transform their communities, nation and world. Camille and Esther Ntoto founded Africa New Day when they envisioned a local initiative geared towards finding Congolese solutions to Congolese problems.