In the Darfuri refugee camps in eastern Chad, parents must leave home during the day to seek out basic necessities.  With no formal education system for young children, many are left unsupervised, vulnerable to the dangers of the camp, and at a disadvantage for the future. Further, the task of caring for the youngest children often falls to the older siblings, preventing them from pursuing their own education.

Little Ripples is a preschool program that provides a safe and nurturing environment for some of the youngest refugees to learn. In partnership, JWW and iACT opened the first Little Ripples school, serving 400 children in Goz Amer refugee camp in Eastern Chad during the summer of 2013. The project has now shifted to a home-based model called Little Ripple Ponds, seeking to impact more children.

Thanks to the project, parents and older siblings now have a safe and nurturing space where their children can be cared for while they work or go to school. Through the program, the young participants also receive a nutritious meal—sometimes the only meal they may eat during the entire day.

JWW invests in the Little Ripples program because it addresses the needs of the youngest populations as a way of impacting the entire community— setting off a positive ripple effect and developing a stronger and more peaceful Darfuri society.



Koliya, sitting on the left, is mother of four-year-old Jamiya. Jamiya is attending a Little Ripples Pond just a few homes away from her own, in her camp ‘block’ in Goz Amer. Koliya was concerned because Jamiya was not speaking, and so she decided to enroll Jamiya in Little Ripples after she heard about the program. Koliya said she enrolled her daughter in Little Ripples “so she [Jamiya] can have the opportunity to speak, read, and be educated and ready for primary school.”Little Ripples
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About Our Partner - iAct
iACT is a Los Angeles-based organization that provides humanitarian action to aid, empower, and extend hope to those affected by mass atrocities. Through responsive action campaigns and leadership development in the U.S., iACT provides tools and training necessary to create a new culture of participation for people facing and responding to humanitarian crises. Since 2005, iACT has facilitated refugee-led education, sports, and human rights programs that build resilience and cultivate recovery in refugee camps in eastern Chad.