To help victims of the Syrian civil war, JWW has partnered with Save the Syrian Children to deliver life saving medical aid to the hardest hit areas of the conflict, where most larger aid organizations cannot go.

These large organizations, such as Doctors Without Borders, Save the Children and the Red Crescent have been rendered ineffective at delivering widespread aid throughout Syria because to officially operate inside Syria, they need permission from the regime, and Assad is preventing aid from reaching areas he is proactively bombing.

One way around this devastating catch-22 is Guerilla Humanitarian  Aid.

This bold plan takes life-saving medical supplies straight into the heart of the Syrian conflict where they are needed most. These are basic supplies that will allow doctors to stop children from hemorrhaging when they are targeted by bombs, giving them a chance to survive and escape the war.

Here is a video showing the journey of the JWW shipment right to the hospitals in Syria:

This is the process, as described by Save the Syrian Children:


War-torn Idlib, Syria.

First, we built a network of doctors operating on the ground in hospitals in the Idlib and Aleppo provinces in Syria.

They compile a list of supplies most needed to minimize civilian casualties from cluster and bunker bombs, the government’s bombs of choice in civilian areas.

Unloading the shipment.

Then, we source these supplies either factory direct or from excess inventory from hospitals and medical companies. 

We ship the containers to the Port of Mersin in Turkey. We truck the supplies across Turkey and cross the border into the Idlib area, controlled by the Free Syrian Army.

A grateful Syrian doctor with new supplies.

Supplies are delivered to medical warehouses then distributed to 28 hospitals in the Idlib and Aleppo provinces. 

Due to our size and direct connection with doctors already in Idlib and Aleppo, we have more latitude to help inside the conflict zone in ways that larger humanitarian organizations can’t.


The map below shows the route the shipment makes from the port of Mersin, Turkey to Idlib, Syria:


To date, eight shipments of urgently needed medical aid, including tourniquets, hemorrhage bandages, and surgical blades, have been successfully delivered.

JWW is currently funding a full container shipment to Syria and will continue to support the organization on these urgent relief efforts. 


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About Our Partner - Save the Syrian Children
Save the Syrian Children is a homegrown operation started by husband and wife team Tamar Benzaken Koosed and Philip Koosed. They have joined their supply chain and international development expertise to build a network inside Syria, source life-saving medical goods and deliver them inside the hardest hit areas of the conflict. Save the Syrian Children works with a network of doctors in over 28 hospitals in Syria, servicing more than 4,200 people daily.