JWW has partnered with Drop in the Bucket to drill water wells in the Palabek refugee camp in Northern Uganda to provide clean water to displaced South Sudanese refugees and their host communities.

South Sudanese refugees at the Palabek camp in Uganda.

There are currently more than one million South Sudanese refugees who were forced to flee conflict and famine in their home country to start new lives in Uganda. There is no sign of an end to the conflict and refugees are arriving in Uganda at an overwhelming rate.

Due to the lack of safe water, poor hygiene/sanitation and limited economic opportunities for refugees, the situation requires an immediate response. It is essential to provide safe water and promote hygiene and sanitation to prevent possible outbreaks of water-borne diseases.

A recently installed well in Uganda.

The Palabek refugee camp in Northern Uganda currently hosts 35,000 refugees from South Sudan. The refugees are currently drinking water that is trucked in daily from a nearby river, and new water wells are urgently needed to provide clean water for the camp.

The goal is to not only ensure that the camp has adequate water access but to also provide water to the host community. This will aid in preventing outbreaks of illnesses and also in deterring conflicts that could arise between the host community and the refugee population over valuable natural resources.

Refugee boy at completed well.

Eight borehole wells will be sited and drilled, after a hydrogeological survey is conducted to identify underground water fractures (this process is already under way). 

To promote long-term sustainability, local stakeholders and communities will be engaged in the process from the onset, in order to provide ownership of the water points.

Once drilled, the communities will be will be trained in how to maintain and manage the new wells. 

Should the security situation in South Sudan improve and the refugees return home, the host communities will be trained in how to take over managing the water wells.

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About Our Partner - Drop in the Bucket

Drop in the Bucket believes clean water is a basic human right that must be met in order to help people break the cycle of poverty. Our mission is to build wells and sanitation systems at schools throughout sub-Saharan Africa, enabling youth to fully harness the life-changing power of an education. Our goal is to provide schools and communities with the tools they need to improve child health, increase school enrollment rates, and promote gender equality.